About Me

Warrior Fit Detox was started in 2019 by Silvy Arcila with the purpose of helping others evolve into a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and fitness in order to support mental health. After suffering from leaky gut, excessive bloating, and other stomach issues, detoxing helped her with her overall health and reset her digestive system.  Through her experiences she decided to educate others and make an impact in their lives by providing an all natural juice detox cleanse as well as other daily nutritional juices. 
Before starting her juice cleanse business Silvy was also a certified personal trainer.
Her certifications include:
1. Nutrition Certified by NASM 
2. CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) by NASM
3. Kettle Bell Certification 
4. Corrective Exercise by ACE
6. Continuing Education by ACE
7. World of Fitness Association Certification 
8. Strength and Conditioning by NASM
9. Speed and Agility by NASM
Warrior Fit Detox is all about supporting your mental, physical, and emotional health through nutrition and fitness. As a mom of a little boy she understands the need of making sure these three things are a priority in order to live a happy and healthy  lifestyle.