Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the juices make me constipated or go to the bathroom?

A:  The juices are to clean out your colon and they contain probiotics to help you go to the bathroom.


Q:  Is it only liquids during the length of the detox?

A:  Yes, it is only liquids for the length of the detox.


Q:  Am I going to pee a lot?

A:  Yes, you will be peeing more than usual. The reason being is to eliminate toxins from your body, it is very important specially during the detox.


Q:  Can I exercise during my detox cleanse?

A:  Yes, it is recommended that you do cardio or light workouts during the detox to achieve greater results.


Q:  Can I take a pre workout?

A:  No, it is better to do the cleanse holistically. If you are someone who needs caffeine intake, you may have 1 black coffee with no sugar no creamer.


Q:  Am I going to feel weak?

A:  You may feel hungry or sometimes a little bit weak but the juices have the essential nutrients for your body daily.


Q:  What do I eat the day after the detox?

A:  Start slowly adding carbs and fats post detox. It is highly recommended to stick with veggies, fruits, and good proteins.


Q:  How often should I detox?

A:  Recommended 1 time monthly to keep a healthy liver, colon, gut and more. For people who want to just maintain, every 2-3 months.


Q:  Can I take vitamins during the detox?

A:  It’s recommended not to so you give your body time to truly cleanse itself and give the liver a break.


Q:  How much water do I drink during the detox?

A:  Anywhere between 2 liters up to a gallon.